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Here is a collection of foods/recipes I want to try, just a log that is a quick go-to when I don't know what to make.


You don’t have to be vegan to drool over these recipes.

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How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian →




Hope everyone is having a good week..

A topic that I think is very important is what a healthy diet consists of.

Many people believe that if they are a vegetarian, vegan or pescetarian then they are healthy. However, the truth is that vegetarians can eat 10 donuts…

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"It’s not a big deal that you gained weight. Honestly, in the big picture, who cares? Did you live life the way you wanted to? Did you have fun? Did you find people you love? Did you learn lots of interesting things? That’s probably what you’re gonna care about when you’re at your death bed, not about the fact that you “gained weight” when you were 21."
My 18 year old brother, when i was freaking out about my recovery weight gain.  (via thephilyptian)

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